How to launch a TV channel quickly?

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17 June, 2021 | 13:48

🟣 Cosmonova Broadcast provides a wide range of services that almost completely cover the technical and largely resource needs of the channel. Cosmonova Broadcast is the launch of a TV channel with minimal costs in the shortest possible time. Understanding the needs of the media market and the high level of competition for the viewer, our team of professionals led by CEO Taras Kozachuk offers customers a number of innovative cloud solutions. We have created a number of IT products to effectively launch and manage the TV channel. Own infrastructure is modernized in step with time and allows to maintain high reliability of signal deliveries and work of systems.

Creation of air of the TV channel and its management is carried out by means of COSMO | PLAYOUT. The formation of the air network, thematic blocks, overlays of logos and graphics, the formation of reports, media storage - this is just part of the list of functions of our product. COSMO | PLAYOUT is able to fully meet the needs of a modern TV channel. Placement on our infrastructure allows us to reduce the cost of deploying our own infrastructure, which reduces technical costs at the initial stage by tens of times. At the moment, the product is used by many of our customers. COSMO | PLAYOUT has gained a strong position in the market.
The user - friendly web interface allows the customer to easily navigate and manage video content without the use of complex equipment. We provide our customers with a free demo for one week so that you can appreciate all the benefits of the cloud solution. In addition, we guarantee round-the-clock support.

🔹Virtual Matrix
The virtual matrix provides efficient switching of input and output SDI or IP signals in automatic or manual mode. Thus, a network of service switches of the TV channel is created. The exchange of television signals can be carried out both inside and outside the established network - with the participants included in the virtual matrix. Both parties have the ability to control access, test the signal, set the time and more. This product solves very expensive issues of signal delivery from studios to satellites, while allowing you to control switching in real time.

🔹IP Delivery
Terrestrial TV signal delivery is carried out using various technologies: UDP Unicast, UDP Multicast, http, RTMP, SRT, HLS (noise-tolerant coding technology to increase the reliability of data transmission on unstable communication channels), etc. Since each provider or operator, depending on the equipment or other features, uses a particular format of input video signals - to deliver the signal it must be prepared, transcoded to the needs of the provider. The delivery process itself may require the construction of communication channels. Our company already works with 500 providers, for which it provides signal preparation and delivery. This greatly simplifies the issuance and delivery of a new TV channel to providers.
Rightsholders and Providers can manage their content through a user-friendly web interface. Continuous monitoring of the bit rate and signal quality throughout the transmission chain, as well as round-the-clock technical support allow you to maintain high quality and solve current issues in the shortest possible time.

This is an automatic system for recording and storing video content. Recording the air with a slice of the EPG program or a real air network also allows you to publish content on social networks, with the cutting of individual fragments - such as advertising. Another area of ​​application of this cloud solution is the recording of ether in daily slices to control information and provide it to certain authorities in accordance with the law on control of television.

🔹Stream Online
Setting up the integration of TV channels and their digital platforms: websites, social networks. Indispensable for streaming and automation of video content management and broadcasting. Cosmonova Broadcast also provides signal delivery to the site, to social networks - Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and others with the appropriate signal band.

🔹Audio recognition
System of automatic recognition of audio recordings on the basis of thematic base and preparation of legal documents on the origin of rights to use audio recordings (audio reference).

Optimal for the needs of media business configurations of Telecom services, data center services, as well as virtual dedicated servers (VPS \ VDS).

We have our own developed multifunctional infrastructure:
📍 Antenna field
📍 technical sites
📍 Data centers
📍 Fiber optic network (Length more than 500 km)
📍 Distributed content delivery network anywhere in the world.

For more than 16 years, our specialists have been successfully implementing projects in the media sphere - in Ukraine and abroad, allowing the company to take a leading position, cooperating with TV channels and implementing the most ambitious projects. Cosmonova Broadcast has repeatedly organized broadcasts of large-scale international events, provided uninterrupted broadcasting, delivery of quality video content for TV channels. Our experts take on all the workload thanks to the existing developed infrastructure, innovative cloud solutions and extensive international experience accumulated over 16 years. We leave the client only to interact with a user-friendly interface with the ability to manage all processes in a few clicks.

Obviously, in the process of starting a project, the client may face various problems, including - non-standard. For example, the need to establish a connection between the remote studio of the TV channel and the central one, to broadcast different content to different regions, with the desire to implement interactive graphics, as well as with the legal aspects of business registration, etc. Our company not only provides highly professional services of a wide range, but also can always advise our clients in the technical, legal, business plane, providing support.
With Cosmonova Broadcast, customers are implementing their most ambitious projects, they are confident that any issue will be resolved as soon as possible.

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