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TV channels (new or wanting to expand their capabilities)

Business (filling the screens of internal communication, advertising with content)

Online streamers (formation of a continuous 24/7 stream)



  • No capital costs for equipment
  • Enables to launch a TV channel quickly
  • Features all necessary functionality to manage a channel
  • Works by SaaS model
  • Easily scalable
  • HD and SD playback
  • 99,98% SLA
  • Managing several channels at the same time
  • 24/7 monitoring and support

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Optimal range of tools for full-fledged faultless broadcasting







Private cloud media storage with a capacity of 0,1TB
Private cloud media storage with a capacity of 1TB
Private cloud media storage with a capacity of 5TB
Private cloud media storage with a capacity of 10TB
Download customer content, web
Automatic transcoding of content into 1 streams
Automatic transcoding of content into 2 streams
Automatic transcoding of content into 4 streams
Classification of content by type using tags
Manage directories (folders)
Virtual trimming of content
Ability to download content from storage to client media
Ability to view content online
Ether planning and management module
Creating a TV channel
Multi-layer graphics with the ability to save patterns of layer settings (3 layers)
Multi-layer graphics with the ability to save patterns of layer settings (5 layers)
Multi-layer graphics with the ability to save patterns of layer settings (8 layers)
Multi-layer graphics with the ability to save patterns of layer settings (20 layers)
Add live broadcast
Formation of playlists to add to the air
Management of primary events
Secondary event management
Backup event management
Add a treadmill
Tape control
Support for importing from RSS feeds
Management of hot lists
Preliminary broadcast
Dynamic graphics
Titration module with dynamic graphics
Announcement module with dynamic graphics
Automatic generation of announcements using the video file sequence
External control of dynamic graphics (api)
Manage EPG settings
Export EPG
Module to automatically display the age limit for content
Support for LIVE inclusion with the function of simultaneous output of several streams on one screen
On-air report
2 IPTV Exits
SD / HD SDI output
Development of additional functions for the client in the usual priority
Development of additional functions for the client is a high priority
Round-the-clock monitoring 24/7
Multilevel technical support 24/7 (up to the level of an integrator engineer)
Multilevel technical support 24/7 (up to the developer level)

Cosmonova Broadcast offers




Access to the provider base via IP Delivery

Arranging delivery to any operator over IP

Key functions of COSMO|PLAYOUT

Media storage

Media storage - screenshot
  • Converting uploaded files to fit a required format
  • Advanced file tagging system
  • Creating a "heading" for the files that are not uploaded yet, but can be scheduled in the airtime
  • Statistics of files used in the airtime

Airtime formation

Airtime formation - screenshot
  • Creating any number of layers in the airtime
  • Adding built-in content with reference to a specific file
  • Displaying visual effects by click or as per scheduled time
  • Comfortable timeline of the whole broadcast
  • On-the-fly adjustment: brightness, contrast, saturation
  • Adding live transmissions to the airtime

Adding content to the airtime

Adding content to the airtime - screenshot
  • Setting start and end time of media file playback without cutting
  • Referencing on-the-air media file launch to a specific time or another media file
  • Notifying on-the-air conflicts

Animation and visualization effects

Animation and visualization effects - screenshot
  • Animation to be put in the airtime
  • Scrolling tickers
  • Manual and automatic trailers
  • Commercial cutaways
  • Visual effects of a channel
  • Customized graphics

Channel management

Channel management - screenshot
  • Maintaining consecutive broadcasts and broadcasts with reference to the playback start date
  • Archiving broadcasts and viewing previous broadcasts
  • Adjusting rules for automatic content announcement on the air
  • Creating preset layers for different kinds of broadcast
  • Possibility to upload an image for white noise

EPG editor

EPG editor - screenshot
  • Combining media files in EPG grid by tags
  • Generating download of EPG grid file for operators
  • Getting names and descriptions from the media storage

To run a modern TV channel and television broadcasting requires specialized software. Until recently, to create a TV channel, media entrepreneurs had to invest in expensive equipment, technical integration and additional staff. This requires both time and investment, as well as the involvement of a team of technical specialists. It was also necessary to take into account that the time required to deploy the hardware complex and start the broadcast is quite large. All this together creates risks for such an enterprise. Cosmonova Broadcast offers an ultra-modern solution that changes the paradigm of traditional television - SAAS service COSMO | Playout is a Cloud based Playout for the full functioning of the TV channel. You can start broadcasting your professional TV channel via Cloud Playout in a short time. No capital expenditures. Without special hardware, such as playback servers, graphics servers, switches, encoders, multiplexers, and other hardware, all of this replaces the cloud playback solution. No need for a server room. No need to integrate with other services and solutions. Playout engineering support is provided by Cosmonova Broadcast. COSMO | PLAYOT Functionality is used to fully launch and support broadcasting of any complexity, including the system of downloading media files, pictures, streaming video and streaming. With full functionality Cloud Playout from Cosmonova Broadcast You can get acquainted by sending a request or by contacting our manager. We also offer access to the demo version and see the convenience of the COSMO | PLAYOUT solution.

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