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28 June, 2021 | 13:48

🟣 The viewer wants to watch only interesting, individually selected content. The advertiser wants the ad to be broadcast to an interested audience. All of this is made possible by the content replacement feature, in particular, ad replacement. This function allows the TV channel to convey targeted content as accurately as possible. We have been providing this service for a long time and have already collected a number of successful cases of advertising replacement using Cosmo PlayOut, including creating versions of TV channels for broadcasting on the Internet and OTT services.

 The TV channel generates a signal in the studio, and our experienced R&D team organizes uninterrupted signal delivery, its high-quality reception, sets up the replacement of advertising blocks according to the customer's scenario. It is the customer in the COSMO interface | Playout configures the program so that content is simultaneously broadcast in different regions - the same or different. In the future, we supply the existing versions of signals to cable providers, IPTV, OTT services, broadcast platforms, and so on.

🔹 Replacement of ad units is relevant not only for Ukraine, but also for other countries. Accurate targeting is essential for effective marketing. Content can be changed for various reasons (for example, lack of rights to technologies or territories). Ultimately, ad substitution can significantly reduce the cost of signal conditioning and delivery infrastructure.

🔹 Substitution with COSMO | PlayOut is indispensable for creating regional versions of the channel. For example, local news that is relevant to a specific region. Such a selection of news maintains the interest of the audience, makes television as close as possible to the real needs and interests of TV viewers.

🔹 Another case is the substitution of content in the case when a film is prohibited from showing on a certain territory. Then you can safely broadcast the film in other countries, and in a limited area at the same time show other video content. Note that all this happens without losing the high quality of the broadcast for all viewers.
We have a wide range of opportunities in the media field due to the experience gained over 16 years. Our recently established Cosmonova Broadcast company is rapidly gaining positions in the market. For 16 years we have been supplying innovative services and signal delivery services for TV channels in Ukraine and dozens of other countries.

 The next step after the formation of a separate version of the TV channel with the help of COSMO | PlayOut is its delivery to operators and providers using the IP Delivery service.
With the help of the IP Delivery WEB interface, the TV channel can effectively manage the delivery. And also choose which provider to deliver which version. And our networks make it possible to implement the client's wishes for the delivery of the version to a specific provider or a group of providers, depending on the territory and technology.

🟣 Cosmonova Broadcast provides a full range of technologies, modern infrastructure solutions for TV channels - from creating a TV channel from scratch, managing broadcasting based on COSMO | PlayOut before distribution, delivery to providers and operators, etc. Our R&D team effectively organizes signal delivery, reception on the Cosmonova platform, and configures the replacement of ad units according to the customer's scenario. We work 24/7 with a high level of SLA. With us, you will be invariably confident that the quality of the broadcast will not suffer.

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