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28 September, 2021 | 13:48

From June 2020, Cosmonova Broadcast's customers receive a video delivery service from the innovative SRT protocol.

▶ SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) - a modern data transmission protocol developed on the basis of UDP, an effective open-source solution. Guarantees reliable data delivery. The SRT protocol has a number of undeniable advantages, being a popular method of video transmission in the world.

▶ The protocol provides:

✅ High speed video content transfer

✅ Support for video compression standard

✅ Support for AES encryption, which is necessary for high-quality video streaming protection

✅ End-to-end security

✅ Fault tolerance

✅ The best video quality on any network.

"Despite advances in streaming over the Internet, live video transmission still faces delays. (First, due to packet loss when sending MPEG transport streams over the public Internet, secondly, due to bandwidth restrictions imposed by network congestion control when using TCP in RTMP, and thirdly due to the use of HLS and DASH protocols, over HTTP (TCP)). Typically, these problems require the provision of expensive backup channels, such as MPLS or satellite networks.

Thanks to the SRT implementation, we provide a safe and reliable solution for signal delivery of TV channels through public networks with low delay with recovery of packet loss, end-to-end security with AES encryption, monitoring of network status between endpoints, ”said Taras Kozachuk, CEO of Cosmonova Broadcast .

🔹 Today Cosmonova Broadcast uses SRT when delivering signals from TV Channels to the Cosmonova platform, from the Cosmonova platform to providers, as well as during the organization of telebridges and for the organization of business transits of video.

Thus, our advanced technologies and the experience of professionals enable our customers to deliver the highest quality video content to viewers without the slightest delay.

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